Xbox Console

The Xbox console was born in 2001 and was Microsoft's bet to enter a world unknown to them, the consoles. Microsoft saw that it was falling behind in a market it had not entered and that was being dominated by Nintendo, but above all by Sony with its PlayStation.

How it was raised

Microsoft tried out companies like Sega, with which they made a first attempt to enter the market. With them they implemented Windows CE in their Dreamcast, but it didn't go any further than that. During the development of PS2, Bill Gates contacted Sony to implement their system on PS2. Sony flatly refused this proposal and was the trigger in Microsoft to launch.

The making of Xbox

That was the starting gun for Xbox. Microsoft wasn't willing to let the video game business take off like it was starting to and they didn't get a cut. They had only been in this business with games. So they were clear, they had to take Sony down no matter what.

Their theory was to develop something that they were comfortable with and game developers were used to working with, and that was the PCs with their systems and DirectX.

So from the beginning they bet on using a PC with a graphic card, and that's why they chose Nvidia. But this choice had quite a few problems and delayed the release of the first version, since it decided to put an exorbitant price on its chips, so other variants came into play, such as Amd, which almost up to the end thought that they would be the ones to provide the chips, although finally an agreement was reached with Nvidia, leaving the other manufacturers out of options.

Microsoft integrated a network card into their first console, something they were pioneers in, since others had modems like they had had the dreamcast. They were coming from the PC world, and these have network cards. This new bet on high speed network (100 Mbps) awakened the interest of developers in online gaming. They noticed that consoles could really be interconnected regardless of their location.

Xbox Classic

Xbox Clasica

Xbox Classic

It was the first successful Xbox console to be released after much struggle. On November 15, 2001, it went on sale only in the United States. In that first Christmas marked by the September 11 attacks, they managed to sell 1.5 million units, which showed that they were heading in the right direction. In 2002 it was put on sale in the rest of the world. It is said that due to the need to establish themselves in the market at any price, with each console sold they lost $126 per console sold, since the cost of manufacture was higher than the cost of sale. During its life in the market, until Christmas 2005, it managed to sell 24 million units worldwide.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Xbox was a success, but they could not be left behind in the novelties that Sony was proposing with its new PS3. So Microsoft, hitting the table 1 year earlier with its Xbox 360. This launch, arrived on November 22nd 2005 and was made jointly, for the first time in the American, European and Japanese markets.

There were 5 different versions of this xbox 360, as the years went by. The versions that were marketed were the normal, arcade, premium, slim and elite, although within these 5 sub-models, there were packs or special versions that had the consoles in color or with motifs of the games in fashion at the time.

This console had USB 2.0 ports, which made it widely compatible with different types of devices. But if anything caught the attention of many players it was a new device that could be called the predecessor of what is now virtual reality. That device was the Kinect, a camera that made the character perform the same movements that we did. It also allowed HD video to be played thanks to the HD DVD player.

In 2016 it was withdrawn after more than 10 years of market until then 85.6 million units had been sold.

Xbox One

Xbox One

Xbox One S All Digital

The Xbox One was Microsoft's replacement for the 360 to fight the now PS4.

It was launched on November 22, 2013, only 7 days after Sony did the same with the PS4. For this reason it was the only console that started on an equal footing with Sony's.

This is the Xbox console model that we currently have, although in its Xbox One S version that started selling in 2016. There is also an All Digital variant that does not have a disk reader.

In addition to the Xbox One S, there is also the Xbox One X, which is an evolution of the S that increases the GPU, Ram, and CPU, according to Microsoft. This model is designed for the requirements of today's 4K games and the advent of Virtual Reality.


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